transavenger said: Re: women having "male" privilege, I agree that women don't have male privilege. But I'd posit that there's something like "butch privilege." This is just from personal experience -- my more feminine presenting friends get catcalled and harassed on the street all the time, but this has NEVER happened to me. I know this idea could be problematic too because it could get into "your clothing is asking for it" territory. But in my experience I definitely feel privileged by my presentation.


God, there is no such thing as butch privilege. You cannot just start calling any benefits that one group might get privilege, then you get shit like vanilla privilege and clean privilege.

There is no class of butch women that exploits a class of femme women. Butch women do not have institutional power over femme women. There is no such thing as butch privilege. In fact, I’m pretty sure that butch women face high amounts of violence (i.e. corrective rape) but I don’t remember where that statistic came from. It’s a presentation that makes you very visibly queer, and although it might have some small benefits of warding off negative attention it’s definitely not something that society rewards you for doing. 



There are many ways to define white privilege, this is one of many. 

Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on chris lileys new 'comedy' Jonah from Tonga?



I think it’s absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that the ABC even allowed it to air.

For those who say this is only an American problem, you should know that Australia is airing a brownface comedy.



Missed. lol.

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i just went on a huge twitter rant…oops

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Lloimincia Halls’s Perfect 10 vs Alabama

Winners Win

She not playing with y’all…

It;s not a game out here!


found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom


found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom


June 23, 1972: Title IX is Signed into Law

On this day in 1972, President Richard Nixon signed Title IX of the Education Amendments into law. Title IX protects people from discrimination based on sex in all education programs or activities which receive federal funding. One of the most notable impacts of Title IX is the implementation of women sports in schools. As a result, there are more women participating in sports than ever before.

In 2002, Title IX was renamed the Patsy Takemoto Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act, after its co-author, Representative Patsy Mink of Hawaii.

Learn more about the impact of Title IX with MAKERS: Women Who Make America.

Photos: Senator Birch Bayh exercises with Title IX athletes at Purdue University, ca. 1972, the late Representative Patsy Mink of Hawaii, Title IX co-author, for whom the law was renamed in 2002.